About Me

The Real Un-Material Girl

My name is Leah, I’m 27 & currently live in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve recently experienced what I can only describe as a “Fashion Epiphany” after an eye-opening volunteering trip to Brazil, and have since completely transformed the way I live my life.

I became an entrepreneur & small business owner at age 21, after opening my own men and racckcs
womens clothing store called The Happy Cabin. The store was a great success and taught me so much about fashion, business and myself, however after 3 years running it I started to get restless. There was something more out there for me, something bigger… but I wasn’t sure what. I floated into other industries, testing the waters of eating psychology and nutritional medicine – but it didn’t quiet fit.

It wasn’t until one freak yoga pose and an ensuing ankle injury that I first discovered the world of Social Enterprise (3 months with nothing but books to keep you occupied will do that to a girl). Through reading books and blogs I discovered the life shattering concept that business can be used as a force for good! Straight away, my passions aligned and I new I was on the right track. I started searching for volunteer trips and programs that could teach me more about Social Enterprise, and that’s how I stumbled across Social Starters on the brilliant website (highly recommend).

A month later, I was one of 12 young folk chosen from across the globe who missioned to Rio De Janeiro as part of a program run by Social Starters, an organisation who partnered experienced entrepreneurs (like myself) with budding entreprenurs from grassroots/disadvantaged countries. Our little world-changing gang was made up of young folk from Italy, Ireland, America, England and Spain, with me being the only Aussie (represent). I’d never been in the company of so many different minds and views – it was like being in a room with 11 young Oprah’s. Everyone was so smart, with such varied backgrounds and ideas.

It’s hard to explain how much this experience helped me grow as a person, it exploded my mind into a million pieces and challenged so many of my previous beliefs.


Leah-Jane Musch, The Un-Material Girl