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Biome Clothes Swap

When I recently hosted a Clothes Swap as part of my new role at Biome, I had to find somewhere for all the unwanted clothes to go at the end of the event. I reached out to a small, local Women’s shelter in the hopes that they wouldn’t be one of the charities recently inundated with clothing after the recent Marie Kondo nextflix special.

When I called, the man on the phone told me that they currently had 12 women in their care, and 12 SHIPPING CONTAINERS worth of clothing donations.

Read the full story in the blog post I wrote for Biome by clicking HERE



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GARAGE SALE TRAIL – My Top Brisbane Picks!

This weekend (Oct 20th and 21st) garages, front yards, back yards, sheds and balconies all across Australia will play host to the annual Garage Sale Trail. Both Saturday and Sunday, Aussies everywhere will be selling their unwanted goodies in an effort to reduce, reuse, recycle and keep stuff out of landfill. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that finding fashion bargains at garage sales is by far one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday morning.

Below are my top picks for the weekend, the essential “must visit” list. These are the garage sales I’ll most likely be stopping by! To find Garage Sales near you, click here.


Pop Up Balcony Sale – “From 50 cent bargain goodies, to beautiful vintage treats, and brands like Sass & Bide and Camilla, we have something for everyone. Mostly men and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, but plenty miscellaneous and home wares, come check us out!” Saturday & Sunday

Visit 118, Blackwood Avenue, Morningside, QLD, Australia, 4170


Toowong Hands and Hearts Fair, Preloved Market – “6 Monster garage sale in our school hall with large variety: clothes (men, women, children and babies), kitchenwares, books, games , jewellery, dresses, bags, sports gear, bric-a-brac and all sorts. Nonhanging clothes $2, hanging clothes $5, bulk buy 4 hanging items for $15 and 5 items for $20. Community effort from our small school of around 300 kids.” Saturday Only.

Visit t 37, Saint Osyth Street, Toowong, QLD, Australia,


The Eclectic Mix – Vintage & Upcycled – Gifts, Homewares & Furniture – “Where OLD meets NEW… A passion for items of interest especially from the past with a mix of the latest fashions, gifts, homewares, furniture, collectables & more. We proudly stock…. Up cycled, pre loved & new. Always looking towards a sustainable future… Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse, Reduce. In store you‚ you’ll find items that are Antique, Retro, Vintage, Shabby Chic, Country Charm, Hampton‚ Style, Modern & so much more. Cafe “Melidrop” on site – Shop till you drop, then coffee & lunch!!” Saturday & Sunday

Visit 98, Main Street, Kangaroo Point, QLD, Australia, 4169






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Peppermint Magazine Cover Girl!

Pinch me.

This might just be a life highlight for me so far, making it onto the cover of my favourite ethical and sustainable fashion magazine Peppermint for their 10th Birthday issue!

I have bought and devoured almost every copy they’ve released since the early days, and it’s surreal to see myself staring back. @sonya_gellert wrote an article about my journey that literally brought me to tears, as I read it I was overwhelmed with the feeling that everything I’ve been working for over the last 3 years is paying off.

Grab a copy, read it, share it with a mate, it’s a testament to what’s possible for the future of slow fashion!



The Zero Wasters, The New Cool Kids

Plastic Free-dom

There’s a new breed of underground eco warrior starting to emerge onto our suburban streets. You can spot them at your local coffee shop with their KeepCup in hand, ready for a fresh brew. They’re whipping out their reusable straws to drink their smoothies. They’re at Coles and Woolies, armed with fabric shopping bags. They’re at your local market, jars and bags in hand, ready to stock up on fresh package free goodies. I’m talking about The Zero Wasters, the coolest club you’ll want to be a part of (if you’re not already). They’ve kicked their single use plastic habit to the curb and are consequently saving the planet one little change at a time.

Currently in Australia, the waste we’re producing is growing twice as fast as our population.  Luckily, people are starting to catch on to the fact that there is really no “away” when we throw something away. This is especially true for plastic, as every single piece ever created is still in existence today! I’ve put together a little starting guide so that you can become a bona fide member of the Zero Wasters club too.

Swap Single Use for Future Use

One of the easiest places to start is with the seemingly innocent plastic straw, which has crept up into the top 10 lists of items found during beach clean ups. I discovered some pretty shocking facts over at, such as if we fail to pull back our consumption of plastic straws soon, by 2050 our ocean will have more plastic in it than fish! As plastic straws are so lightweight they often can’t be properly recycled and are instead disposed of as garbage. I purchased a pretty rose gold stainless steel straw from Biome Eco Stores, which also happens to be my work place. They have a range of different reusable straws online and in store, plus handy cleaning brushes too. Another tip, next time you’re offered a straw with your drink – just say “No thanks, that’s so 2017!”

If you’re yet to watch the ABC’S War on Waste mini-series, then don’t worry, it’s still available online (better to be late to the party than not go at all right?) One of the most talked about revelations on the show was the fact that, despite what myself and many other people thought, disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled. Invest in a reusable coffee cup like the one I have from KeepCup so you can feel as smug as I do when I bring my own to my local barista (and a lot of cafes offer discounts too – woo hoo!)


Shop Local + BYO Bag

This one’s probably my favourite, as there is just something really rewarding about getting up early on a Saturday morning and
heading to the markets. I have a tradition of picking up a hot coffee and fresh croissant as I stroll around, soaking up the vibes. Buying local not only supports farmers directly, but helps cut down on fossil fuels associated with the transportation of food from super far away. Don’t forget to bring your own bags (mine’s from Artisan & Fox) and opt for unpackaged fruits and veggies where possible.


DIY Beauty

The DIY Beauty trend is on the rise, and for good reason. I’ve never been a fan of products with words I can’t pronounce listed in the ingredients, so it’s nice to know exactly what’s going into the beauty products I make myself. I’ve recently discovered that the organic coconut oil I had in my pantry is a dream moisturizer! A quick google will result in an abundance of DIY ideas for beauty products, but I’m also a particular fan of the site Trash is for Tossers. Head to the toiletries tab and find out how to make your own deodorant, toothpaste and body scrub. Biome Eco Stores have recently introduced their own Naked Beauty Bar, where you can literally create your very own beauty products from scratch. They have an tonne of recipes and ideas in store as well as beautiful bottles that can be refilled, the toughest part is picking what to whip up first!

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This is just a starting point, there are SO many ways you can begin changing your habits around waste. I would love to know any tips and tricks that you find work well!