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Why I sold 80% of everything I owned…

As our apartment slowly filled with strangers, we were met with the same question over and over again – “So are you guys moving or something?” Jamie and I were slightly caught off guard, as we hadn’t realised that what we were doing actually seemed quiet unusual to so many people. We weren’t moving, we weren’t going travelling, we weren’t desperate for cash. As I struggled to explain to one of our “Life Sale” customers why we were selling 80% of everything we owned, she offered me the perfect answer “Oh, you guys are Zenning!”

Yeah. Zenning. I liked that.

We were driven to part with most of our possessions after I returned from a 2 month volunteering trip in Rio de Janeiro’s Favela communities, having experienced a pretty life changing adventure. I came back to our beautiful Brisbane apartment and felt immediately suffocated. How hadn’t I noticed this before?

Our apartment was filled to the brim with 24 years worth of “stuff”. It was in this moment that I stepped back and truly looked at the bigger picture, realising that I was stuck in a cycle. I had been working for years to earn money to buy things (clothing, books, furniture) except I never seemed to feel truly satisfied. I never felt like I had enough, I was always working and searching for more, with no end in sight. This is when I started to research into the concept of minimalist living, and immediately I knew I was heading in the right direction.

One Gumtree advertisement later, and we opened our apartment doors to the general public. Everything was priced and set up just like a little shop, with painted cardboard signs on our street corners reading “Life Sale – This Way”.

As I started the process of selling my belongings, I was repeatedly asked “but won’t you miss your beautiful things?” to which I always answered “No”. I feel I’m lucky in that as soon as I committed to changing my life I felt completely detached from most of my possesions, and in fact every time I sold, donated or threw away something I would immediately feel lighter.

At the end of our two day Life Sale, Jamie and I had collectively made more than $2,000. The feeling of having an apartment full of only the things you love? Priceless.

Why I sold 80% of everything I owned



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