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Swop Shop // My Slow Fashion Splurge

It takes a lot for me to splurge on a bunch of amazing fashion pieces. I think it’s engrained deep in my head what IMG_5742the true consequences of purchasing and bringing things into my house/wardrobe/life are, especially since, to this day I am still dragging an overstuffed rack from market to market, selling the clothes I no longer want or wear.

That rack takes up significant space in the tiny one bedroom apartment I share with my fiancé, and having to look at it/bump into it on a daily bases has really forced the point across. I don’t NEED more things. However, if I happen to find something special, I’ve made a pact with myself to boot out a few things I no longer want (add ’em to there rack, donate them or post them for sale online) before allowing myself to make the purchase.

Having done a quick wardrobe re-jig to restore my fashion karma I am now happy to share with you the four amazing items I purchased yesterday from Swop in West End (if you haven’t been to visit them yet, I HIGHLY recommend it). The total came to $115, more than I usually spend, however considering how most of the pieces can be mixed and matched I’m pretty thrilled! Big shout out to Jamie for getting up early and being the ultimate instagram husband.

Jumpsuit // $25 ::: Scarf // $15IMG_5838IMG_584033D45AE1-C679-4DC2-B296-5BD9CF6F090B

Embroidered Denim Jacket // $50IMG_5874IMG_5852IMG_9771

Dress // $25 ::: Watch // The Horse ::: Book // Fashionpedia  ::: Boots (free from my Mum!) IMG_5857IMG_5864IMG_5865


The Un-Material Girl is in this months Peppermint Magazine!

Woo hoo! I’m losing my mind with excitement today, after rushing to my closest news agency to get my paws on the latest issue of Peppermint Magazine – featuring a story about The Un-Material Girl! I wasn’t expecting a full page (Page 86 for those playing at home) and I’m super thrilled with the write up. The more exposure this project gets, the bigger the impact.


Peppermint Magazine

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Billy Blue Scholarship

I’ve entered 2016 feeling strangely optimistic, despite the fact that I have almost no idea what I’m doing with my life. Being someone who usually has a concrete idea of where she is going, the freedom to make my future whatever I want it to be can be pretty crushing sometimes. I turned, as I so often do, to Instagram for ideas and inspiration and stumbled across a Scholarship promotion at Billy Blue College of Design.

When I was running The Happy Cabin I had considered undertaking study so I could start my own unique Happy Cabin In-Store Label. I was constantly listening to the requests and concerns of my customers, and felt there was a gap in what I could source from my suppliers – this lead me to think, “What if I made it myself?” However, despite attending an open day, I realised that managing the store 6 days a week and taking on study would most likely run me even further into the ground. So I shelved the idea… Until a few weeks ago, when this add popped up. I had nothing but free days ahead of me, so I decided to give it a crack. The competition required a short video that explained what you’re dreams are, and what The Greatest Degree on Earth would look like…

Mine went a little something like this…

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