REVIVE Festival

Today is the day I share my sustainable fashion story at the Revive Pop-Up Second Hand Festival at Southbank, run by the Brisbane City Council. I have an entire half hour spot (6:30pm, speakers tent) and I’ve already got the shakes as I write this post! Despite being on stage hundreds of times over the years, I still always get nervous. The only thing that pulls me through is the fact that I’m talking about something I care so much about – ethical and sustainable fashion. There will be live entertainment, thrift stalls, fashion shows, workshops and talks. I’ll also be sharing the stage as part of a panel with my pal Never Ever Pay Retail and Jill Chivers at 7:00pm (right after my talk). Hope to see your faces there!

Join me tomorrow night (Friday) at the @brisbanecitycouncil REVIVE pop-up second hand Festival at Southbank! The event runs from 12pm - 9pm and is packed with thrift stalls, food trucks, workshops and live entertainment. I'll be sharing my story at 6:30pm at the speakers tent, and will continue on to join a panel at 7pm alongside my pal @nevereverpayretail Hope to meet you there ♥️


Ekka Speaker Series

It’s officially my favourite time of year… the Ekka is on! Come hear me chat all things sustainable fashion at The Ekka this Wednesday the 16th of August, 1pm. I’ll be sharing the stage with fellow slow fashion advocate Jane Milburn from Textile Beat, see you at the Fashion Stage!

Come hear me chat all things sustainable fashion at @theekka this Wednesday!! I'm so excited to share the stage with fellow slow fashion advocate @textilebeat

Fashion, Video

Billy Blue Commercial

When the folks at my uni asked if I wanted to talk about my experience so far studying Fashion at Billy Blue College of Design… I said yes, as long as I can wear my favourite hat! I travelled to Sydney to shoot this cute little commercial that I’m excited to share, and before you say it – yes – I change my hair way too frequently (since shooting this it’s back to chololate brown, haha!)



ABC Feature

Wow! I’ve been a little blown away by the insanely awesome response I’ve had thanks to a recent article/radio interview I did with the ABC (check it out HERE). I’ve only just touched down in Brisbane after a whirlwind two weeks in Stockholm on a uni design excursion and I’m yet to catch my breath. I have many exciting posts up my sleeve though!

If you’re reading this because you’ve read the ABC article, I just wanted to note that unfortuntaly, I’m not currently making any more videos. The Unmaterial Girl series was produced by a company that recently went backrupt, which means I’m stickin’ to what I know – writing and taking photos. I’m trying to find a way to create video content myself, so stay tuned!

A big hello to all the new awesome followers who have just popped up thanks to my recent interview with the @abcnews_au as part of their @waronwasteau project, so excited to be included

I also need to mention that my slow fashion idol – Livia Firth – was kind enough to regram the ABC article on her instagram! What is this life!