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Billy Blue Commercial

When the folks at my uni asked if I wanted to talk about my experience so far studying Fashion at Billy Blue College of Design… I said yes, as long as I can wear my favourite hat! I travelled to Sydney to shoot this cute little commercial that I’m excited to share, and before you say it – yes – I change my hair way too frequently (since shooting this it’s back to chololate brown, haha!)



ABC Feature

Wow! I’ve been a little blown away by the insanely awesome response I’ve had thanks to a recent article/radio interview I did with the ABC (check it out HERE). I’ve only just touched down in Brisbane after a whirlwind two weeks in Stockholm on a uni design excursion and I’m yet to catch my breath. I have many exciting posts up my sleeve though!

If you’re reading this because you’ve read the ABC article, I just wanted to note that unfortuntaly, I’m not currently making any more videos. The Unmaterial Girl series was produced by a company that recently went backrupt, which means I’m stickin’ to what I know – writing and taking photos. I’m trying to find a way to create video content myself, so stay tuned!

A big hello to all the new awesome followers who have just popped up thanks to my recent interview with the @abcnews_au as part of their @waronwasteau project, so excited to be included

I also need to mention that my slow fashion idol – Livia Firth – was kind enough to regram the ABC article on her instagram! What is this life!






Peppermint Magazine, Pep Talks Event

I’m very excited to announce that I’m going to be sharing my slow fashion story at the next Pep Talks event, run by my favourite ethical and sustainable fashion publiction – Peppermint Magzine! I’ll be joined by presenter, model, environmentalist, ocean ambassador and positive body image advocate Laura Wells, as well as health and happiness coach, writer, speaker and creator of The Gratitude Project blog Angela Simson. Click HERE to nab your tickets before they’re all sold out!



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Upcycled Denim Sunglasses?

If I mentioned the brand Wrangler, most people immediately say “Jeans” – and they’re not wrong! Wrangler has been doing denim damn well since 1904, and have recently teamed up with UK start-up and sustainably focused eyewear company Mosevic.

Every pair of sunglasses created as part of this exclusive collaboration (my pair is 105 of 150) has been made using the excess denim material supplied by Wrangler. This means each pair is unique, hand crafted and super striking. They are made by infusing layers of fabric and resin, and the end result is both rugged and durable.

Something that really appealed to me is that the sunnies wear like denim jeans, getting cooler with age. And they actually work! I tested them from the overwhelming heat and brightness of Woodford Folk Festival, to the beaches of Burleigh Heads. If you’re looking for a sustainable and ethical pair of sunglasses with high quality lenses (that looking freakin’ cool), this is my hot pick.

Want to know more about their production process? Watch the video below…


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Cover Girl! Bella Rae Magazine



It feels like The Unmaterial Girl is a bit of a rolling stone sometimes, and lately it’s really started picking up momentum at a speed I’m struggling to keep up with! Having my face on the cover of a magazine is a pretty exciting example of this phenomena…

Bella Rae Magazine is a magazine on a mission. It’s a fresh and bold publication committed to empowering young women to band together and support one another in becoming strong, intelligent and creative leaders.

THIS is the kind of magazine I wish I’d been able to get my hands on as a young teenager, because it’s a total breath of fresh air compared to the other publications on the shelves for girls these days. The models are real girls, the stories and content are interesting, relatable and relevant, the layout is quirky and fun, and the overall messages put out by this magazine are ones of authenticity, positivity, respect and sisterhood.

When Bella Rae’s editor Henrietta reached out to me about potentially featuring my ‘Sustainable Style Series’ as an ongoing part of the magazine, I jumped at the chance! Over coffee and cake, she asked me how I felt about being the cover girl for issue three… and I was blown away! The fact that an emerging young women’s magazine wants to promote and highlight sustainable and ethical fashion is why I think Bella Rae has a very bright future ahead of it. They’re not doing what’s been done before, but instead digging deeper and bringing something different to the magazine industry.

Issue three hits stands today (Thursday the 15th of September, 2016) and I highly encourage you to grab a copy for either yourself, or someone who you think could get a lot out of it.

Below are some photos from our cover shoot, taken by the insanely talented Neill Blue. Almost all of the outfits featured in the shoot were pieces I scored from markets and opp shops, including the dress that made it onto the cover (a Wardrobe Warriors find, $5)

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