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This week I’m shining the spotlight on Nagasaki based label TeT Clothing.

TeT Clothing champions self expression and comfort, with a vision to bring old clothes back to life through imagination. Think playful custom suiting, bold trimmings and designs that make you want to groove.

Founded by @tetsutashinoda, his love for sewing began 3 years ago after creating a pair of flared pants out of old jeans. Drawing inspiration from people, nature and architecture, his designs are also informed by the materials and fabrics he comes across at vintage warehouses or his customers’ own clothing.

With a strong nod to late 60’s/early 70’s fashion moments, this unique little label is already attracting an array of eclectic customers. Keep an eye on this one!

Image 1: @luluevenstar // Image 2: @borntobepooh._ // Image 3: @jacqjacqjacqui // Image 4: @tet_clothing

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