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Home Sewing with The Hemming

Home Sewing with The Hemming

Ok, here’s a confession for you. Up until two days ago, I didn’t know how to create button holes on my sewing machine.

I’d been doing that thing where you avoid having to do something because you simply don’t know how for YEARS. I have designed garments in the past with elastic, ties, zips, anything but buttons. Having decided to take on the challenge of following a print-at-home pattern by The Hemming this weekend, I knew my time had come to tackle my fear. Thanks to a quick demonstration from my good mate Emilia, I am now a button making master!

Another confession, up until this weekend I had never followed a pattern other than one I had made myself. I was drawn to try out the Adelia Dress, designed by the stunning Kimberley Hegedus (founder of The Hemming) because I have been wanting my own hand made dreamy linen summer dress for aaages now. Plus, it has pockets.

I decided to make the mini version (there is a longer option too) in a size small/10, which is very true to size. I used a light chocolate linen from my favourite place – The Fabric Store. I also kept the hem raw, as I hope it will keep softening and ageing with every wash. I found a collection of wooden, pearl and shell buttons from my local opp shop, and decided the mis-match would create a sweet little detail – which it totally did! I also belted it later in the day and liked it even more.

The pattern was mostly very simple to follow, however if you are an absolute beginner I would recommend starting off with something a little simpler, or enlist the help of a pal who knows what they are doing. The actual taping together of the pattern pieces took more time than I had anticipated, but that’s to be expected for any perfectionist trying to sticky tape paper together on carpet.

The Adelia is the ultimate casual but classy dress, and I couldn’t be happier to have one of my very own.




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The Bowerbird and The Bride

I was giddy with excitement as I drove across the bridge and towards the jungle of greenery that is the QUT Gardens Point campus. I had been lucky enough to be invited to an intimate and exclusive preview of The Bowerbird and the Bride, an exhibition curated by award winning Australian costume designer Marion Boyce (Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and The Dressmaker).

The event and exhibition took place in the heritage listed Old Government House, and as I walked in I had an instant flash back of school excursions visiting historical sites such as this. I’d always loved learning about history, and since this exhibit was the perfect mix of history AND fashion, I knew I was in for a treat. The morning began with a small gathering of people who looked like they had read many, many more books than me. This room was filled with respectable, fashionable and intellectual folk, and I couldn’t help but feel a little out of place.

Since I didn’t know anyone, I stuck to the wall with a cup of honey and camomile tea, trying not to get caught eating the delicious tea cakes they had laid out. Luckily, a young woman around my age walked through the door and I instantly felt like I could talk to her. Her name was Chloe, a writer and aspiring curator who had played a huge part working on this exhibition – the perfect new friend! She was friendly, smart and very sweet to introduce me to Marion Boyce herself (I had a minor fan girl moment but mostly kept my cool). Soon, we were ushered down to the main exhibition for the fun to begin.

The first scene upon entering sets an opulent, beautiful and undeniably vintage tone. A pearly mannequin adorned in a silky cowl neck gown and grande lace trimmed vail greets you. Fashion lovers and soon-to-be-brides better get your cameras ready, for you are about to embark on a wonderful adventure through time. We followed Marion from room to room, as she shared personal stories about acquiring different garments and the mission of restoring many of them herself. Together, we travelled from the 1860’s to the 1970’s, observing the details of more than 40 bridal gowns, each with a story of it’s own.

A notable favourite of mine was a thrifty pair of gowns that had been fashioned out of curtains (the only available fabric at the time). I also adored a bright velvety lilac dress that the bride had first worn as a wedding dress, but then kept as her dancing dress – the ultimate outfit repeater, my kind of gal! Make sure to check out the room filled with antique accessories and treasures, plus there is a delightful row of knickers and underfrillies hanging off clothes lines on the way that is bound to make you smile.

I don’t want to give too much away, because this really is a show that needs to be experienced in person, where the full effects of the thoughtful styling, soft lighting and spinning mannequins on poufs and tables can take hold. Take your best friend, your Mum, your Gran, this is enjoyable for everyone, from the fashionista to the historian. It’s running from the 12th of July to the 19th August, 2018 and you can grab your tickets HERE. It’s better than a good cup of tea!

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More than just a piece of clothing…

The Magic of Ayurganic

Clothes are amazingly powerful creations. They have the ability to provide you with a boost of confidence, a shield of armour, or in this case – a total sense of calm and peace. Wrapped up in GOTS certified cotton feels good regardless, but this is more than just a beautiful hooded bathrobe. Ayurganic has created a collection of clothing like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

They’ve blended traditional Ayurvedic principles and rituals into their textile creation process, the fabric is literally treated with hand picked herbs collected by local tribal communities. Spirituality, philosophy and fashion swirl seamlessly together, and this is such an interesting concept for me. “Wearing Ayurganic is an act of responsibility, sustainability and consciousness” – couldn’t have said it better myself. Honestly, take a look at their website. Such a beautiful melding of creativity and spirituality.

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Upcycled Denim Sunglasses?

If I mentioned the brand Wrangler, most people immediately say “Jeans” – and they’re not wrong! Wrangler has been doing denim damn well since 1904, and have recently teamed up with UK start-up and sustainably focused eyewear company Mosevic.

Every pair of sunglasses created as part of this exclusive collaboration (my pair is 105 of 150) has been made using the excess denim material supplied by Wrangler. This means each pair is unique, hand crafted and super striking. They are made by infusing layers of fabric and resin, and the end result is both rugged and durable.

Something that really appealed to me is that the sunnies wear like denim jeans, getting cooler with age. And they actually work! I tested them from the overwhelming heat and brightness of Woodford Folk Festival, to the beaches of Burleigh Heads. If you’re looking for a sustainable and ethical pair of sunglasses with high quality lenses (that looking freakin’ cool), this is my hot pick.

Want to know more about their production process? Watch the video below…


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Wardrobe Warriors $20 Style Challenge

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Wardrobe Warriors Market that was on this Sunday, held inside the Hibiscus Sports Centre at Mt Gravatt. I was one of a whole bunch of early risers, rugged up against the cold morning chill and setting up our market stalls for a day of selling and fantastic fashion bargains.

My challenge was to put together an outfit for $20 – how could I say no? After doing a few loops around, I managed to dig out two awesome pieces; 1. A denim jacket with kooky arm holes (Bitching and Junkfood, original tag still attached!) for only $5! Next, I found a gorgeous printed shift dress (The Fifth Label) for $10. With my remaining $5, I nabbed three quirky jewellery pieces. Put it all together, layering over a basic black turtleneck and teamed with my favourite boots and… voila!

IMG_5401 IMG_5402 IMG_5403 IMG_5407IMG_5405IMG_5404

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