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Fashion meets Functionality with the Original Scarf Bag

Few things make me more frustrated than getting to the end of my grocery shop and realizing that my reusable bags are in the boot. Although I make the effort to ensure I have a few spares in my trusty backpack, I still find myself occasionally juggling 16 things to the car because I flat out REFUSE to purchase a “reusable” plastic bag. I was recently introduced to a Brisbane start up that is tackling this problem in the most charming, practical and fashionable way – The Original Scarf Bag.

Meeting up with Emma over coffee at my favourite local vegan café, Paper Moon, it didn’t take me long to discover how passionate this founder is about her fledgling brand. Driven by a deep concern over the amount of plastic that is clogging up our landfills and waterways, this mother of two was determined to create a product that is not only practical but also versatile. The scarf bag does just what is says on the tin. It’s an easy to wear scarf that can be endlessly styled and it also doubles as a shopping bag.

I’m inspired by the fact that Emma has built sustainability and ethics into the foundation of her brand from the get-go, choosing to use the newly developed Lenzing EcoVero Material (a certified eco-responsible form of Viscose). This fabric couldn’t have been found without the help of Alison Jose of the Sustainable Textiles Club. Each scarf is ethically manufactured in India by Indigenous Industries.

Emma has just launched her Kickstarter Campaign for The Original Scarf Bag HERE, another move that I really admire. Testing the waters via Kickstarter is a truly sustainable way to first gauge the demand for your product before creating mass amounts and means that bulk resources aren’t wasted – very smart.

Show your support for this brilliant Aussie start-up and help them reach their goal of $38,500. I can assure you it’ll be worth it, even just for the thrill of impressing the people behind you in the supermarket isle as you magically transform your beautiful scarf into a shopping bag.

This is a paid post, and I am proudly partnering with The Original Scarf Bag to help get this new business out into the world.

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