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I’ve been going through a thing lately. An existential kind of thing. I feel like I’m starting to look at fashion and social media differently, and almost see through it in a way I couldn’t before. I feel like I’ve spiritually levelled up after a d&m with my soul sister

As this epiphany happened right before fashion week, I felt suddenly deeply anxious about my two frivolous upcoming weekends. Jac advised me to find the “real” fashion events, the gritty underground stuff, the stuff that pushes buttons, crosses boundaries, the stuff that has drawn me to this world in the first place. So I did.

I had seen @tenfingerz post about an event in collaboration with Famous Artist @sebastianberto. Epic bags of dirty clothing were being piled inside a shipping container. There was a call out for creatives to attend the event, swim through the nasty piles of landfill-destined clothing and create a look that would then be modelled straight down the runway, #fastfashun. I knew I had to be part of this, so @monutella and I carved out time in our afternoon to visit @testinggrounds and put together an entire look in 1 hour.

I was instantly drawn to a fitted Topshop work jacket, and a tacky floral polyester dress. We pulled out bits and pieces in some kind of colour scheme from the piles of clothing and gathered them into a corner in the shade. Next, we found scissors, safety pins and elastic bands. There were options to use sewing machines and hot glue, but as time was of the essence we used this rapid styling and inspiration. We ripped, shredded, tied, pinned, coiled and knotted a head to knee look (shoes not included, except for one baby sneaker tied as a necklace).

The runway was sectioned off by clothing strewn into the shape of a catwalk, and Tenfingers was a glamourous MC. There was even a cute mini model – baby Matilda, who was a show stealer. I was in awe of the creativity in every single one of these looks, they were endlessly interesting and such statement makers. The models were real, diverse, inclusive and fun! This was by far one of my favourite events I attended during all of VAMFF.

Enjoy these photos and marvel at the fact that I found the real good fashion stuff. Only more of that from now on, dear readers.

To support and help fun the important project at the heart of this event, head to

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  • Reply eimear greaney March 12, 2019 at 9:04 am

    looks amazing – must have been great to dive in and get making – heading over to have a look at fastfashun (yes that baby is a show stopper!)

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