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Wow! I’ve been a little blown away by the insanely awesome response I’ve had thanks to a recent article/radio interview I did with the ABC (check it out HERE). I’ve only just touched down in Brisbane after a whirlwind two weeks in Stockholm on a uni design excursion and I’m yet to catch my breath. I have many exciting posts up my sleeve though!

If you’re reading this because you’ve read the ABC article, I just wanted to note that unfortuntaly, I’m not currently making any more videos. The Unmaterial Girl series was produced by a company that recently went backrupt, which means I’m stickin’ to what I know – writing and taking photos. I’m trying to find a way to create video content myself, so stay tuned!

A big hello to all the new awesome followers who have just popped up thanks to my recent interview with the @abcnews_au as part of their @waronwasteau project, so excited to be included

I also need to mention that my slow fashion idol – Livia Firth – was kind enough to regram the ABC article on her instagram! What is this life!





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