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Upcycled Denim Sunglasses?

If I mentioned the brand Wrangler, most people immediately say “Jeans” – and they’re not wrong! Wrangler has been doing denim damn well since 1904, and have recently teamed up with UK start-up and sustainably focused eyewear company Mosevic.

Every pair of sunglasses created as part of this exclusive collaboration (my pair is 105 of 150) has been made using the excess denim material supplied by Wrangler. This means each pair is unique, hand crafted and super striking. They are made by infusing layers of fabric and resin, and the end result is both rugged and durable.

Something that really appealed to me is that the sunnies wear like denim jeans, getting cooler with age. And they actually work! I tested them from the overwhelming heat and brightness of Woodford Folk Festival, to the beaches of Burleigh Heads. If you’re looking for a sustainable and ethical pair of sunglasses with high quality lenses (that looking freakin’ cool), this is my hot pick.

Want to know more about their production process? Watch the video below…


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Melting into a sweaty mess at Woodford…15747418_10155546963743942_6949692858215802486_n

Fighting off wind and stinging sand at Burleigh Heads…c98ae7b4-be67-4294-8c83-82d465a94f94

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    Such a fun concept! Love it! Glad I stumbled across your blog!


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