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Sustainable Style Series Ft Emilia // No. 2

coreectI was welcomed into Emilias home with arms outstretched (literally) and a quaint spread of local strawberries, black coffee and cake. I didn’t expect this project to involve so many treats from my subjects (but I’m not complaining! I feel like a little slow fashion Santa Claus).

Emilia and I were lucky to become new found best friends within our mid-twenties – a very rare thing indeed. However this only strengthened our bond, as we both instantly appreciated how great it feels to meet someone with a common passion and goal (we study Fashion Design together at Billy Blue College) and have consequently helped each other through many nights of tear soaked assessments and creative endeavours. I help her with English, she helps me with technology – a match made in heaven.

What has always impressed me about Emilia is her simple yet completely refined elegance in the way she dresses for uni each day, and she has slowly coaxed me over to the dark side – the beauty of monochrome. When she shared with me that almost all of the clothing she owned was purchased from markets or second hand stores, I did a little dance. I had a new opp-shopping budding now too!

This photoshoot took place in the ancient Queenslander she shares with (11?) other people, a gang of chickens, a crew of ducks and a gorgeous pup named Milo.

F6ABDABD-DA1A-4DE8-96D5-D2CE607A6464 IMG_6135About 80% of Emilias wardrobe is second hand, a concept that wasn’t all that common when she was first getting in to fashion.

Emilia: I found that, when I first started shopping, not a lot of people ever looked in opp shops – but they actually have amazing stuff! I find it way more unique. I also like the fact that most of the time it’s helping an organisation. It’s a win-win.

Her first outfit encapsulates Emilias style perfectly – minimalistic, vintage and androgynous (very Swedish). The grey trousers were picked up for $1 at the Suitcase Rummage in Brisbane, the belt was $1.50 from a thrift store in Sweden as was the $4 turtleneck, and the black cardigan was found at a Lifeline in Wynnum.


IMG_6198Next came a cozy dip-dye style fuzzy knit that Emilia found whilst shopping with me amongst the treasure troves of Wynnum (seriously it’s thrift store heaven over there).

IMG_6201IMG_6193IMG_6191IMG_6179Last was a striking printed + pleated skirt (Lifeline on the Gold Coast for $6) teamed with a basic tank ($5, also from Lifeline) and studded belt (featured above). There was so much I admired about this look. It was playful, relaxed yet quietly confident. Emilia, Milo the Pup and I spent time sprawled across the wooden floor, taking photos and learning new tricks.


This guy stole the show at my recent Sustainable Style shoot with @denemilia // Post on the blog soon! #milo #pup #dog #puppydogeyes

IMG_6354IMG_6356I’d be doing Emilia’s wardrobe an injustice if I didn’t include a photo of what might be her greatest second-hand find to date. A genuine leather jacket, perfect fit, fantastic condition. It was discovered whilst she was volunteering at a charity store back in Sweden. Naturally, this jacket had no trouble finding a new home quickly.

IMG_6355Working so many hours with Emilia, I have no doubt that the passion and consideration she puts into her personal wardrobe will be found woven within the threads of every collection she designs and creates in the future. The fact that she can speak two languages and still show up to class looking like a Swedish supermodel (effortlessly) will never stop blowing my mind. Keep an eye on this one folks, I knew from the moment we met that we’d be making our mark on the fashion world together one day. Just you wait and see…

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