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Sustainable Style Series Ft Jordan // No. 1

One of the ways I stay inspired when it comes to fashion is by constantly admiring the style of others. Feeling the need to stretch my creative legs, I’ve decided to do a series exploring the wardrobes of some of my friends, all of whom acquire most of their clothing via sustainable means (opp shops, vintage, swapping, inheriting). I want to shine a light on the myriad of people doing amazing things for slow fashion, just by being conscious of where and how they shop.

They also all happen to be stylish as hell.

I’m excited to share with you the first of this Sustainable Style Series, beginning with the one powerhouse-of-a-lady… Jordan.

IMG_6014I was welcomed into Jordans home with a display of (what happens to be my favourite) cake fresh from Botanica and earl grey tea + lemon. Heck yes! I was instantly in awe of the plant-filled Queenslander she shares with housemate Jess, the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot.

IMG_6057 I struggled to contain my excitement when I spotted the ladder-turned-wardrobe which housed the majority of Jordans clothing. What’s more amazing is the fact that the ladder itself is second hand, passed on to Jordan by her Grandfather who had owned a construction company in West End.

IMG_6052IMG_6054IMG_6044 After tea and chats, we headed outside to catch the last of the days sunlight, and I photographed Jordan in one of her most cherished opp shop finds – a subtly sparkling black and blue shift dress which she scored for $4 from an Asthma Foundation thrift store. Teamed with borrowed earrings (thanks Jess) and a pair of $35 shiny brogues from Swop, she looked as sweet as our afternoon tea.

IMG_6075 99834E16-DDE6-4C69-A187-65141655DB93Jordan’s next outfit defined her style – quirky, cheeky yet totally practical. Her knitted $5 top was found at a Save the Children store, $5 blue culottes from the vintage rack once out the back of Paper Moon, the golden bicycle brooch once belonged to her Great Grandmother and her shoes were a special investment (Paolo Satori purchased from Zomp).

IMG_6067 IMG_6068B781C197-DA61-4A59-A9D2-36B7DAFCFE07Lastly Jordan strutted out in a combination so glorious I’m still sitting here appreciating it. Red on red + a rad pair of sneakers. There was something so powerful yet feminine about this outfit, and she consequently lit up every frame I snapped. The turtleneck was scored for $8 from Vinnies and the pants were Witchery-hand-me-downs.

3942EABC-2671-4454-9CDC-BE19C66628B8 IMG_6055DFA535E6-3B6A-451A-AE7F-A7D75CDA2FBBI can’t thank Jordan enough for inviting me into her house, room and wardrobe (seriously thank you) and letting me explore her wonderful collection of fashion finds. She’s out there, strutting her sustainable stuff every day and for that, I thank her the most.


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  • Reply Anna September 5, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    Hey! Awesome write up, I love seeing such an advocate for sustainable fashion!

    I just had to say that featuring earrings by Gorman (even if they are borrowed) is really contradictory to the point of the piece. No matter how they were acquired, featuring them on the front page is promoting them, and Gorman is unfortunately not sustainable or ethical at all.

    (I can totally relate, I actually love that mirka collection and it took every part of my self control not to get some myself!)

    • Reply Leah-Jane Musch September 7, 2016 at 11:53 am

      Hey Anna!

      Firstly, thanks for your comment and I do appreciate your opinion, however the point of the piece wasn’t about promoting “perfect” sustainable and ethical brands, it was about showcasing the wardrobes of people who mostly acquire their clothing through more sustainable means (thrift shops, borrowing, swapping).

      I think its important that the people I photograph have full control over what they choose to wear as it really represents who they are and their style, and as Jordan really loved those earrings I felt it was ideal to include them. I can’t control what people are going to take away from what I post, I just hope that they look at the overall message.

  • Reply Chris Jordan April 22, 2017 at 5:53 am

    Awesome dress with the wonderful pair of shoes. Comforts with style.

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