Humble Beginnings

Pop the Champagne, get the tattoo gun out, buy yourself a cheese burger – I don’t really mind how you celebrate it, but the point is it’s time to throw confetti and get it all up in your hair…. The Un-Material Girl is alive, well and about to change the way you dress and shop forever.

This is the first official post of what I’m envisioning will be many, and I’m truly excited about that possibility. It’s safe to say there have been many twists and turns to get me here, but one key thing has guided we all the way through, and that is when you start to feel that tugging in your guts – follow it. 

That tug has lead me here, and I can’t wait to see where it take me next.

Welcome, hi, nice to meet you, let’s change the world.

The Un-Material Girl

Recently experienced some humble beginnings of your own? Let me know in the comments below about a project you’ve recently started, and how you’re feeling about it.




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